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July 17, 2011

Congratulations Anna & Dathan!

This weekend I had the honor of making my niece’s wedding cake.  Since my life is a little less than predictable right now it was a big risk for her.  She agreed to have a back up plan incase I was unable to make the cake at the last minute.  I’m so glad things worked out this week.

Anna and I discussed ideas through email for a month or so.  She settled on a design which many have not done and was a bit risky.  A reverse stacked cake with separation between the tiers for flowers.  After talking with some of my cake buddies, none of whom had attempted this, we had a plan for the structure.  I knew it would work but my family thought otherwise.  I was confident until the last week.  I guess I had heard enough of “are you sure” to crack my confidence.  I was reassured when Friday my physics extraordinaire nephew saw my structure unassembled and said he could see how it would work.  Then I was good to go! 

Rob and I traveled with this cake up the windy roads of North Carolina into Tennessee and the cake fared pretty well.  Some damage occurred but nothing that couldn’t be fixed.  Assembly and final decorations took about 2 hours.  Normally I don’t like working with an audience but my parents and my husband wanted to watch.  My dad helped with squaring up the assembly so it worked out good.  

The tiers were 6″, 8″ and 10″.  I had a 12″ tier to add also but the cake was tall enough and I had reservations about adding another 10+ pounds to the stack.  Flavors were chocolate filled with Oreo buttercream, red velvet filled with cream cheese buttercream and almond filled with vanilla buttercream.  The outside buttercream was all vanilla.

Keepin’ it sweet!



April 9, 2011

Just Married!

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Stacy asked us to make her wedding cake for today.  She brought us some pictures of what she would like.  We could tell by the photos that she has her own style and it’s non-traditional.  She requested banana-walnut and strawberry tiers.  Again, non-traditional but yummy just the same.  She also was thoughtful enough to consider some friends who maintain a gluten-free diet so we made a small chocolate gluten-free cake. 

The letters were fun to make out of gum paste.  They were made earlier in the week and allowed to dry hard.  I like that the lines aren’t uniform.  It gives the cake a fun element. 

Keepin’ it sweet!


April 1, 2011

Mini Cake for 60 Years of Wedded Bliss

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Yes, 60 years!  That’s quite an accomplishment.  Bill and Ruth are a sweet couple that I go to church with.  To celebrate their anniversary I made a mini wedding cake for them.  I wanted it to look like an old-fashioned wedding cake.  Probably not authentic to their wedding time but as old-fashioned as I can remember. 

What I discovered is that a mini wedding cake is harder to work with than a large wedding cake.  Everything is on a smaller scale so my tools don’t fit.  I started by baking a 6″ layer of almond cake and then cut it down to 5″.  The 2nd and 3rd tiers are cut from a larger layer.  I covered each tier separately with buttercream and then stacked them.  Once I added the buttercream ruffles and swags I was nearly finished.  All in all, I think it turned out pretty well.  Ruth  told me she wouldn’t cut it until the neighbors saw it. 

Keepin’ it sweet!


March 6, 2011

Our Latest Wedding Cake

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Myrene and I worked on a wedding cake for a sweet bride.  Laura asked us to do a scroll on her wedding cake to reflect scrolls on her invitation.  Her cake flavors are strawberry, vanilla and almond.  Almond was her favorite so we made the bottom tier almond since that’s the one she and her groom would cut at the reception.  Laura’s colors were black, white and red.  Perfect for scrolling, I think.  The cake tiers were 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″.  Yes, that’s a lot of cake!  130 servings to be exact. 

Myrene and I spent about 4 hours piping the scrolls on the tiers.  We spent extra time on it because we wanted it to be perfect for Laura.  Once the piping was complete all that was left was the stacking.  Normally stacking is a bit nerve-wracking but this time it was much easier.  We found a stacking system that guarantees even tiers.  It was a breeze to stack. 

Myrene and I were pleased with the results.  A beautiful cake (if I may say so myself) for a beautiful bride! 

Keepin’ it sweet,


We heard from the Mother of the Bride today.  She said it was more beautiful than she and Laura had imagined.  The cake flavors were a hit because guests were going back for seconds.

January 16, 2011

Scrolling, Scrolling, Scrolling…

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Scrolling – a new technique, for me. When a friend of a friend called and had a picture of the wedding cake she was thinking about, I thought, “Oh my, I’ve never tried scrollwork before.” The cake was ALL scrollwork. For the cake tasting, Deah and I thought we’d experiment with a few different decorating methods on the cake. We would try scrolling with a #5 tip, scrolling with a #3 tip and scrolling with a paint brush. “Wait a minute”, I thought, “…a paintbrush?”  Little did I know that Deah was going to ask me to be the one to try out that method. I was nervous, but agreed. We covered the small test cake in fondant and I took it home.

Not wanting to try painting on the cake before I practiced somewhere else, I rolled out some fondant and put it on my round cake-taker. There, for 2 hours, I practiced different techniques. I tried impressing the Wilton scroll imprints on it and tracing them…that didn’t work for me. I tried painting the Wilton scrolling tools and lightly touching the fondant to give me something to trace and, although that was a little better, it still wasn’t presentable enough, for me. Then, I thought I’d trying changing the consistency of the food color. I made it the consistency of oil paints and tried again, this time free-handing the scroll work. This worked better for me. I soon got the “feel” of the brush and paint on the fondant and these were the results….the bride-to-be and her mother were both impressed.  We all thought the black trim added a “touch of elegance”.  I think this is a technique I will try again, maybe for more than just scrolling :-).

October 11, 2010

Friends and Family Tree

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One of my daughters best friends from about four years old to middle school, was Krissy.  They were like two peas in a pod.  They lost touch after middle school for a while, but I ran into Krissy’s mom about three years ago at a burger joint.  We exchanged phone numbers and became Facebook friends. 

A few months ago, she told me Krissy was getting married.  Where has time gone?  My little girl is married and now her friend was getting married.  Seems like only yesterday they were hiding under Krissy’s family pool table building a “fort” and playing with Barbie’s 🙂

Krissy’s mom had seen a few of our cakes on Facebook, so she asked if it was possible for us to do the wedding cake.  We were pretty excited about that.  Krissy had a picture she wanted her cake to look like.  We got a picture of the bridesmaid dress and tried to get the color as close to that as possible.  To me, the leaves were the most fun to make.  Each one is hand shaped, cut from gum paste and colored.  Then, we added a shimmer to each leaf.  It was a challenge, but a very enjoyable one.  The cake topper is also handcrafted from gumpaste.

We stemmed the cake and placed the leaves on it when we got to the venue.

The wedding was held at a marina, overlooking the water…it was a beautiful setting for a wedding.  We over heard one of the young caterers say, “The guy getting married today is a very lucky man; she’s beautiful.”  And she is.  We wish the bride and groom many years of happiness and thank you for letting us be a part of your very special day.

August 17, 2010

Here Comes the Bride

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Well, my daughter did it – she found Mr. Right. He is a nice man and definitely her match. They decided that they wanted a small wedding, only those closest to them were invited. I’m glad I was counted among them. Anyway, we had a small reception, for about 20, at my house, so I made her a small wedding cake to enjoy. It was a day of joy and tears, as I let someone else be the “most important person” in my little girl’s life. I wish them all the happiness in the world!

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