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August 22, 2011

Green With NV (New Vows)

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(New Vows)My daughter had a very small wedding at the courthouse a year ago with just a few witnesses. It was nice, but because she didn’t have all those near and dear to her present, she wanted to renew her vows on her one year anniversary and invite all those that she would have liked to have shared that special day with. So, we set out looking for that perfect location. We found a lovely spot at a local park, with a nice pond and a fountain as a backdrop, and a fenced wooden “patio” out over the water. There was a nice walkway to use as her “aisle” to walk down with her daddy. Then we started talking about all the other details, including her cake. Her colors were avocado green and chocolate-brown – and that’s the colors she wanted on her cake. She gave me free rein with it only she had one provision…she wanted the layers square and offset. I figured that should be easy since I’m not a perfect person, anyway 🙂
The top two layers were WASC and the bottom layer was chocolate with Oreo cookies and cream filling.
She was a beautiful “bride” who loved her green and brown, scrolled, offset, square cake and I am the mommy who loves her 🙂


March 6, 2011

Our Latest Wedding Cake

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Myrene and I worked on a wedding cake for a sweet bride.  Laura asked us to do a scroll on her wedding cake to reflect scrolls on her invitation.  Her cake flavors are strawberry, vanilla and almond.  Almond was her favorite so we made the bottom tier almond since that’s the one she and her groom would cut at the reception.  Laura’s colors were black, white and red.  Perfect for scrolling, I think.  The cake tiers were 6″, 8″, 10″, and 12″.  Yes, that’s a lot of cake!  130 servings to be exact. 

Myrene and I spent about 4 hours piping the scrolls on the tiers.  We spent extra time on it because we wanted it to be perfect for Laura.  Once the piping was complete all that was left was the stacking.  Normally stacking is a bit nerve-wracking but this time it was much easier.  We found a stacking system that guarantees even tiers.  It was a breeze to stack. 

Myrene and I were pleased with the results.  A beautiful cake (if I may say so myself) for a beautiful bride! 

Keepin’ it sweet,


We heard from the Mother of the Bride today.  She said it was more beautiful than she and Laura had imagined.  The cake flavors were a hit because guests were going back for seconds.

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