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April 2, 2010

Busy, Busy!

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April must be a big birthday month.  Three birthday cakes this weekend.  I’ve already delivered two and have one more to make tomorrow.

The first cake was for a friend’s wife.  Her birthday is today.  This cake is a super moist strawberry cake with vanilla butter cream icing.  The decorations are all edible – although not all that palatable.  The flowers are a mixture of fondant and gum paste.  It’s the gum paste the ruins the taste but it is a necessary element in some decorations.  My friend called shortly after he picked up the cake to let me know it was a fine breakfast food!

My second cake of the day was for a disco themed 40th birthday.  It is pound cake with vanilla butter cream icing.  Yes, it is a HUGE cake – 12″.  Actually, this is 2 recipes of my pound cake.  Hope someone has a sweet tooth!  Black squares on the dance floor are fondant.  Colored squares are painted butter cream.  The dancer is fondant and gum paste but this one isn’t edible because of the construction elements.  Just a FYI – black fondant turns your teeth green.


January 9, 2010

Fighting Camel Birthday

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Have you ever met someone and known instantly that you would like them?  I “met” Wendy on the phone a few weeks ago.  We’ve had quick phone conversations and hurried meetings a few times since but I finally got a few minutes to talk with her tonight.  And, I was right.  I do like her, she’s my kind of person.  Anyway, tomorrow is Wendy’s birthday.  She’s a graduate of Campbell University and will be starting pharmacy school there later this year.  She’s so excited!  Wendy’s cake reflects her pride in her school and her accomplishments.  Happy Birthday Wendy!

Hey, does this cake look big?  It is a little oversize.   It is a 12″ 2 layer pound cake.  The cake required 2 recipes of the pound cake and 3 batches of buttercream.  I think the cake may weigh 10 lbs!

November 20, 2009


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Imagine you are a little boy turning 5 years old.  Your favorite things are dinosaurs and your favorite color is green!  Wouldn’t this be the best birthday cake!!

Everything is edible except the dinos!  They are to play with later.  The rocks are fondant sure to send any child into a sugar overload – Sorry Mom!

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