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June 13, 2011

Monkey Business!

My friend, Carissa, is having a baby!  I was honored to be a small part of her baby shower.  Baby B’s nursery has a jungle theme and I just love monkeys.  Here’s the cake I created in honor of the new one. 

Carissa is a chocolate fiend so I knew I must have chocolate cake for her.  The base tier is chocolate decadence with a super chocolate cake which includes Ghirardelli chocolate chips.   Chocolate overload to the max!

The top tier is lemon with lemon curd filling.  The lemon curd takes the lemon cake to a whole new level.  You’ve got to try it!

The monkey is made from chocolate fondant.  The bananas are vanilla fondant, hand cut and painted. 

Keepin’ it sweet!



November 1, 2010

Baby Bum Once Again

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Here’s the latest rendition of the baby bum cake.  This is for one of Heather’s coworkers.  Baby Russell is expected any day now.  This cake is a 12″ Pina Colada cake with vanilla buttercream.  I baked the layers one evening and wrapped them up so they could settle overnight.  When I came in from work the next day my kitchen smelled wonderful.  I almost hated to cover them in buttercream because once they were covered the yummy scent would be sealed up.  

Since the cake was for a boy I decided to go with the sports ball theme – baseballs, footballs and basketballs.  All decorations are fondant.  The feet and legs are covered with Belgian chocolate fondant and everything else is vanilla fondant.

October 10, 2010

Baby Heidi’s Bum

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My friend Shasta is ready for Baby Heidi!  Big brother Mason is excited about his sweet baby sister.  Heidi should be making her appearance any day now!  There was a shower today for Shasta and I was asked to make a baby bum cake.  After a day of wedding cake I tackled the shower cake.  I’ll let Myrene tell you about the wedding cake.  It was GREAT!

While preparing to bake the layers Friday evening, I couldn’t decide if I wanted chocolate or vanilla cake so I did both – one chocolate layer and one vanilla layer.  Both layers were torted and filled with chocolate buttercream.  The layer flavors were stacked alternated.  It looked pretty cool when it was sliced.  The baby bum and legs are cake.  The feet are rice crispy treats.  Everything is edible. 

Keepin’ it sweet!


October 5, 2010

Bungle In the Jungle

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My stepdaughter, Heather, had a baby last week, so, that is why this is getting on here at this late date – I’ve been a little busy. They are doing the nursery in jungle animals, so I made her a jungle animal shower cake. Note the monkey – her husband REALLY thinks monkeys are cute, so I put one on there just for him. Hope you liked that, Will. Congratulations you guys on the birth of your baby boy, Kaleb.

July 24, 2010

Momma & Meah, here she goes again!

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My, my how can I resist you……   

I have a friend who’s expecting her third child.  Her first 2 are boys and I mean all boys.  She’s been waiting so long for a girl.  Don’t get me wrong, boys are wonderful but they won’t wear lace tights and hair bows.  Well, since Shanna has been eagerly anticipating her new arrival and is enjoying the anticipation of dressing her little girl in all the girly girl things her shower cake just had to reflect her desires. 

The cake is lemon with a strawberry filling and vanilla buttercream.  The “lace” around the bottom is fondant as well as the flowers.  The bow and name are gumpaste.  I hope Shanna was thrilled with the cake.

April 11, 2010

Twinkle Toes

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Okay, so Deah was right, AGAIN!!!  We tossed around doing this cake and it was so cute, but I liked another one we had looked at and was pretty much sold on it. Maybe it was because this one was out of my comfort zone. But Deah prodded me until I gave in. I found that this cake was a lot more fun than doing the other one would have been. I think the most fun was doing the feet. Deah sculpted those and I got to cover them with fondant and do the creases. You should have seen the detail Deah put into each little toe. We’re not sure how many she really made, but we did end up with ten she was satisfied with, and that was what was important! The cake and blanket colors are the colors they are doing Ayden’s room in, so we just had to include those.

The cake was for my daughters baby shower and I knew it had to be cute and get a good response from her. And it did. My husband said, “Don’t you just want to eat those little toes?” And he could if he had wanted to. 🙂

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