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January 30, 2011

Birthday Weekend

Wow, what a week!  Both my neighbors and my good friends had daughters with birthday celebrations on Saturday.  Gabrielle turned 13 on Friday.  Her folks picked out her cake and I think they made a great choice.  Gabrielle likes animal print and bright pink so this was perfect for her.  The cake is vanilla with chocolate buttercream filling and a vanilla buttercream covering.  The decorations are fondant.  The zebra stripes war painted on the fondant. 

Hailee turned 19 on Thursday.  She requested root beer cake but the design was up to me.  I had seen pictures of this type of topsy-turvy cake and wanted to try it so this was a great opportunity.  The bottom tier is root beer cake with root beer icing.  To please everyone at the party, the top layer is marble cake with vanilla buttercream.  The flower stems are piped buttercream and the flowers are fondant. 

Funny story here – when Rob first saw the cake I was delivering it to Hailee’s family.  He thought in the transport that something had happened and the cake had shifted.  Then, as others were arriving they made the same comments.

 Keepin’ it sweet!



January 23, 2011

Heather’s Couture

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Happy Birthday Heather!  Ok, so it’s a week late . . .  who’s counting?  Well, maybe Heather is.  Last Tuesday my oldest born turned 25.  Yes, I started really, really young.  In fact, before too long she’ll be the same age as me.  🙂  Heather is my perfect child according  to her little brother.  While we all know our kids aren’t perfect, both of mine are good kids – maybe not so much kids anymore though. 

Like I said earlier, Heather’s birthday was last week.  We celebrated a day earlier because of work schedules and such.  If you don’t have two (or 3, in my case) adult children to schedule events around you just haven’t lived yet!  Heather’s pretty easy when it comes to her birthday cakes.  She leaves it up to me because she knows I love to experiment on her.  This year I baked her a Kahlua cake with a white chocolate-coffee filling.  It was a new recipe that I found with great reviews.  Turns out everyone was right.  It was fabulous. 

The ruffles are made from vanilla fondant.  Each row was individually applied to the side.  The top and fantasy flower are made from chocolate fondant.

Keepin’ it Sweet!

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January 16, 2011

Scrolling, Scrolling, Scrolling…

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Scrolling – a new technique, for me. When a friend of a friend called and had a picture of the wedding cake she was thinking about, I thought, “Oh my, I’ve never tried scrollwork before.” The cake was ALL scrollwork. For the cake tasting, Deah and I thought we’d experiment with a few different decorating methods on the cake. We would try scrolling with a #5 tip, scrolling with a #3 tip and scrolling with a paint brush. “Wait a minute”, I thought, “…a paintbrush?”  Little did I know that Deah was going to ask me to be the one to try out that method. I was nervous, but agreed. We covered the small test cake in fondant and I took it home.

Not wanting to try painting on the cake before I practiced somewhere else, I rolled out some fondant and put it on my round cake-taker. There, for 2 hours, I practiced different techniques. I tried impressing the Wilton scroll imprints on it and tracing them…that didn’t work for me. I tried painting the Wilton scrolling tools and lightly touching the fondant to give me something to trace and, although that was a little better, it still wasn’t presentable enough, for me. Then, I thought I’d trying changing the consistency of the food color. I made it the consistency of oil paints and tried again, this time free-handing the scroll work. This worked better for me. I soon got the “feel” of the brush and paint on the fondant and these were the results….the bride-to-be and her mother were both impressed.  We all thought the black trim added a “touch of elegance”.  I think this is a technique I will try again, maybe for more than just scrolling :-).

January 15, 2011

“Can’t Catch Me…”

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My husband’s grandmother loves a good spice cake. Every Christmas, she has a big party for the family. This year, she asked me to bring her favorite roasted potatoes. I surprised her by bringing a cake, as well. Knowing she is a fan of spice cake, I decided to bring my buddy, The Gingerbread Man. Inside, he was a Snickerdoodle cake. Outside, he was covered in cinnamon flavored icing. Grandma loved the cake and after the party she said, “You always amaze me.” I guess that means she liked it :-).

“Down the Chimney He Came..”

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Okay, I’ll admit, I have a strange sense of humor. Something I saw while walking through the toy department of a store, put this design into my head. However, executing the design proved a little challenging. The boots are made of RKT’s on a sturdy straw, coated in black fondant. The rest of the cake is an 8″ red velvet cake (for some reason, that’s a popular flavor late in December). It was a little difficult keeping the straw from coming though the RKT’s and fondant. I probably should have let them dry a little longer before placing the straws into the cake. But, with extra fondant on the “heels” of the boots, I managed to keep everything in place for the party. When I brought this little fella into the work Christmas party, it was met with many “oooh’s” and “aaah’s” and “that’s so cute” remarks. With smiles on everyones faces, the party was off to a good start!

“The Stockings Were Hung….”

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My ladies group had a casual, quiet Christmas party at the club presidents neighborhood club house. I was asked to do the cake. Knowing we were having the winter meeting in front of a crackling fire in the fireplace, I decided to capitalize on that idea with this fireplace cake. The cake is red velvet, iced with cream cheese icing. The bricks on the fireplace are individually cut from fondant and placed, as were all the decorations. We had a lovely evening and the club president said that the cake just topped off the festivities.

Sk8er Boy

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My little friend, Noah, is an avid skate boarder. He wanted a skating themed cake with the Hurley symbol on it somewhere – it’s his brand of choice. Since I made his sister a castle and his brother the “Fox” cake, I knew he would expect something special. Although I probably should have made the wheels a little darker against the (concrete-colored) background, all-in-all, Noah and his friends thought this skateboard cake was pretty cool. Most of it disappeared the day of the party and it only took a day for the family to finish off the leftovers! Happy Birthday, Sk8er boy, Noah!

Don’t Worry, I’m Only Here For The Cake

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My sweet husband turned 50 this year. I have taken every (yes EVERY) opportunity to rag on him about it, too, because, well, it’s just fun. Whenever he complains about a little ache or pain, I just say, “Welcome to fifty, dear.” I saw a grim reaper candle at a local party store with a sign on it that said, “Don’t Worry, I’m only here for the cake”. I thought it was funny, so I decided to design the cake with that thought. I could see the pained look of appreciation in my dear husbands eyes when I presented him with this years cake…Happy Birthday, honey!


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There’s just something special about a VOLS fan. It doesn’t matter if they are having a losing season, the fans still fill up that 107,000 ppl capacity (SRO) stadium on Neyland Drive. Everywhere you look, from Henley Street to Cumberland Ave, there’s a big sea of orange walking from every direction to all the home games. Yes, a VOL fan is special! Chris, the boss’ son, is a VOL fan, so I just knew I had to make this special cake for him on his birthday this year! Though not the correct dimensions of the state, I could tell by the smile on his face, Chris was pleased!

Child of the (Candy) Corn

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My boss’ birthday is three days before halloween and one of her favorite candies is, strangely, candy corn. The fondant was all vanilla, but the cake was orange flavored. This simple, yet cute, cake was very appreciated by the boss lady.

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