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September 20, 2010

Tiffany Box

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In the middle of my cake week a special friend asked me to make a cake for her oldest granddaughter.  Kamryn isn’t a prissy girl so she doesn’t like flowers, crowns, and prissy things.  We decided the cake would be chocolate with peanut butter filling.  I was going for a peanut butter cup experience.  Who wouldn’t like that?? 

I was busy with my Homecoming cakes so I didn’t have spare brain power to spend on this one.  My friend attends church with me so she understood the project I was already undertaking.  Still undecided about the final design, I baked the cakes square because I didn’t want it to be the “normal” round cake.  By the time I had the Homecoming cakes finished I finally decided what to do – a gift box. 

My buttercream was already made so I set some aside and mixed in peanut butter.  We use Jif in our house because the flavor is much better in our opinion.  Besides, choosy mother’s use Jif, right?  Anyway, I didn’t measure anything just put some peanut butter in the buttercream until I got the consistency and taste I wanted.  It was soooo good.  Luckily, after I filled the cake some was leftover, I ate it with a spoon.  Then, on to covering the cake.  The buttercream I was using was leftover from the Homecoming cake and was already colored a creamy color.  I had used ivory, brown and orange to attain that color so I wasn’t sure how it was going to shift in color once I started adding another color.  I decided that I wanted to make the cake a blue color with a white bow so I started adding sky blue to the buttercream.  Once I hit this color I thought it was perfect.  Nearly Tiffany blue by accident.  On the cake it went, spent a while on those corners and made the bow and tag with gumpaste.  Already and waiting for the birthday girl!  

Reviews on the cake were positive.  Everyone loved it.  Gpa said it was “Spot on!” not too sweet, just right.  In fact, he said the remains of the cake wouldn’t last too long after sundown.

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