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September 19, 2010


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What a week!  I know my husband is glad this week is over.  I think he’s a little tired of cooking every night.  Hopefully, this week he’ll get a little break — not much though, can’t let him get too spoiled.

We had Homecoming today at the church I attend.  A couple of weeks ago there was some discussion regarding my doing the desserts for everyone.  When I say everyone we are talking about 300 people.  And, we can’t have measly wedding servings at a church function ’cause you all know we like to eat!  Well, the official word came around last Friday – 9 days to make cake for 300!  I knew it would be tough but I was determined. 

The design changed a couple of times along the way.  Once when I finally saw the other decor for the Fellowship Hall – pumpkins and fall leaves – I knew what to do.  I set out to make fall leaves.  The cutting, veining and drying are the easy part.  Coloring is another project all by itself!  Next time you look at a fall leaf really take notice of all the colors contained in one leaf.  These leaves have 3 colors in each.  I could have used more but I was working with a time constraint. 

I have a confession to make.  I cheated on the pumpkin.  It’s plastic.  Don’t tell anyone!  I could have made one from gumpaste but I ran out of time.  I just couldn’t get it done. 

The whole project consisted of 4-double layer 9×13 sheet cakes (kitchen cakes) to be pre-sliced and then a center piece cake for show and to slice if needed.  Flavors were vanilla and lemon cake, both with vanilla buttercream.  Simple but flavors to please the masses. 

Somehow I missed taking a picture of the kitchen cakes but there really wasn’t anything to see.  Just a huge cake with a bottom border and a top border, no decorations.  But you know I wouldn’t miss a picture of the big cake.  Here it is—

So, I’m on break for the rest of the day!  No more cakes—-until tomorrow. 

Keepin’ it sweet!


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  1. Hi…this is Sharon’s daughter! We just wanted to tell you how WONDERFUL Kamryn’s birthday cake was today…She enjoyed it, we all loved it…and it was so beautiful! You are amazing with these cakes! Can’t wait to see what you can do for Haley this upcoming weekend! And I will def tell my friends all about you…hopefully I will need a wedding cake next year so I will be using you! Thank you again for helping make this a wonderful day!

    Comment by Catherine Rymer — September 19, 2010 @ 6:48 pm |Reply

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