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September 7, 2010

Labor Day Laboring!

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Why is it that holidays take so much work?  Here it is a holiday to celebrate the laborers that made this country (More info on Labor Day history here.) and I’m slaving in the kitchen.   My Labor Day was spent on a cake.  Are you surprised???  Rob and I had an invitation to friends’ house for a cookout.  It was a bring your own meat and a side to share kind of event.  For me, this is ingenious.  Everyone can eat what they want, we had a variety from hot dogs to fish to filet mignon.  Guess what I ate. 🙂

When I received the invitation, my friend says “We all know what side you need to bring!  Cake!”  I like to do experimental things on these casual occasions; techniques I haven’t done before and may need a little practice.  This time I picked scroll work.  I absolutely love the look of good scrolls.  It’s a classic that lends a simple elegance but it takes practice and a steady hand.  So here’s my creation – margarita cake, lemon curd/lime buttercream filling all covered in a light lime buttercream.  It was out of this world and I don’t think it looked too shabby either! 

Keepin’ it sweet!


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