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September 28, 2010

The Bomb Diggity!

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One of my best friend’s birthday is today!  She’s sampled several of my cakes but her favorite is strawberry cake with cream cheese icing.  I don’t particularly enjoy working with cream cheese icing.  I just can’t seem to get it smooth like buttercream.  But, because it is her favorite I relented this time and used the cream cheese.  Myrene help with this one because once again I couldn’t smooth it.  The seeds and leaves are fondant and the chocolate wrap is Belgian chocolate fondant.  The writing around the side, which you can’t see, says “Happy Birthday to the Bomb Diggity”.  That’s one of Karena’s favorite sayings.  

Myrene and I make our fondant instead of purchasing commercially made fondant.  Premium chocolate is used in our chocolate fondant which gives it a rich chocolate taste.  Our basic fondant, while typically vanilla, can be flavored and colored almost any way imaginable.  We use quality ingredients found in our local shops.        

Keepin’ it sweet!



Star Studded Birthday!

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A friend requested a cake for a family birthday celebration.  The birthday girl is Haley, a typical 13-year-old who likes bright colors.  Those were my design guidelines.  The family had a cake from me the previous week (see it here) and wanted the same flavors just a different look.  The cake is chocolate with a peanut butter filling and vanilla buttercream.  Stars are vanilla fondant.  Myrene and I worked on this one together.  It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to do that. 

Keepin’ it sweet!


September 27, 2010

Timing is Everything!

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I had a really busy weekend.  I spent Friday evening and all day Saturday in Cary with the youth from our church.  After arriving home at 11pm Saturday night I got up early to write on a cake (you’ll see that tomorrow) and headed off to church.  One of my favorite families had a family health crisis and had to travel home to WV on short notice.  We stuck close to them to help them get things ready and arrangements made so they could leave town for a few days.  We also locked the keys in the van and had to call a locksmith, but that’s another story! 

One of my co-workers had a birthday today.  I had planned on getting his cake ready Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon but that didn’t work out.  He was OK with waiting a day for his cake.  So I promised one tomorrow.  Here’s the thing though.  There is a timing issue with baking and decorating cakes.  Ideally, you need to bake one day and decorate the next.  This time allows the layers to settle and compress a little.  Here’s what happens when you don’t have that “settling time”.  That’s right, it’s the battle of the bulge!  Drives me crazy!  Luckily, the guys at work are easy.  They just want it to taste good.

This cake is chocolate with peanut butter filling.  I’ve made a couple of these lately but haven’t been able to taste them.  This time I will.

Keepin’ it sweet!


September 20, 2010

Tiffany Box

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In the middle of my cake week a special friend asked me to make a cake for her oldest granddaughter.  Kamryn isn’t a prissy girl so she doesn’t like flowers, crowns, and prissy things.  We decided the cake would be chocolate with peanut butter filling.  I was going for a peanut butter cup experience.  Who wouldn’t like that?? 

I was busy with my Homecoming cakes so I didn’t have spare brain power to spend on this one.  My friend attends church with me so she understood the project I was already undertaking.  Still undecided about the final design, I baked the cakes square because I didn’t want it to be the “normal” round cake.  By the time I had the Homecoming cakes finished I finally decided what to do – a gift box. 

My buttercream was already made so I set some aside and mixed in peanut butter.  We use Jif in our house because the flavor is much better in our opinion.  Besides, choosy mother’s use Jif, right?  Anyway, I didn’t measure anything just put some peanut butter in the buttercream until I got the consistency and taste I wanted.  It was soooo good.  Luckily, after I filled the cake some was leftover, I ate it with a spoon.  Then, on to covering the cake.  The buttercream I was using was leftover from the Homecoming cake and was already colored a creamy color.  I had used ivory, brown and orange to attain that color so I wasn’t sure how it was going to shift in color once I started adding another color.  I decided that I wanted to make the cake a blue color with a white bow so I started adding sky blue to the buttercream.  Once I hit this color I thought it was perfect.  Nearly Tiffany blue by accident.  On the cake it went, spent a while on those corners and made the bow and tag with gumpaste.  Already and waiting for the birthday girl!  

Reviews on the cake were positive.  Everyone loved it.  Gpa said it was “Spot on!” not too sweet, just right.  In fact, he said the remains of the cake wouldn’t last too long after sundown.

September 19, 2010


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What a week!  I know my husband is glad this week is over.  I think he’s a little tired of cooking every night.  Hopefully, this week he’ll get a little break — not much though, can’t let him get too spoiled.

We had Homecoming today at the church I attend.  A couple of weeks ago there was some discussion regarding my doing the desserts for everyone.  When I say everyone we are talking about 300 people.  And, we can’t have measly wedding servings at a church function ’cause you all know we like to eat!  Well, the official word came around last Friday – 9 days to make cake for 300!  I knew it would be tough but I was determined. 

The design changed a couple of times along the way.  Once when I finally saw the other decor for the Fellowship Hall – pumpkins and fall leaves – I knew what to do.  I set out to make fall leaves.  The cutting, veining and drying are the easy part.  Coloring is another project all by itself!  Next time you look at a fall leaf really take notice of all the colors contained in one leaf.  These leaves have 3 colors in each.  I could have used more but I was working with a time constraint. 

I have a confession to make.  I cheated on the pumpkin.  It’s plastic.  Don’t tell anyone!  I could have made one from gumpaste but I ran out of time.  I just couldn’t get it done. 

The whole project consisted of 4-double layer 9×13 sheet cakes (kitchen cakes) to be pre-sliced and then a center piece cake for show and to slice if needed.  Flavors were vanilla and lemon cake, both with vanilla buttercream.  Simple but flavors to please the masses. 

Somehow I missed taking a picture of the kitchen cakes but there really wasn’t anything to see.  Just a huge cake with a bottom border and a top border, no decorations.  But you know I wouldn’t miss a picture of the big cake.  Here it is—

So, I’m on break for the rest of the day!  No more cakes—-until tomorrow. 

Keepin’ it sweet!


September 7, 2010

Labor Day Laboring!

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Why is it that holidays take so much work?  Here it is a holiday to celebrate the laborers that made this country (More info on Labor Day history here.) and I’m slaving in the kitchen.   My Labor Day was spent on a cake.  Are you surprised???  Rob and I had an invitation to friends’ house for a cookout.  It was a bring your own meat and a side to share kind of event.  For me, this is ingenious.  Everyone can eat what they want, we had a variety from hot dogs to fish to filet mignon.  Guess what I ate. 🙂

When I received the invitation, my friend says “We all know what side you need to bring!  Cake!”  I like to do experimental things on these casual occasions; techniques I haven’t done before and may need a little practice.  This time I picked scroll work.  I absolutely love the look of good scrolls.  It’s a classic that lends a simple elegance but it takes practice and a steady hand.  So here’s my creation – margarita cake, lemon curd/lime buttercream filling all covered in a light lime buttercream.  It was out of this world and I don’t think it looked too shabby either! 

Keepin’ it sweet!


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