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August 17, 2010

And Your Favorite Flavor Is….?

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Well, I have no doubt what my new son-in-laws favorite flavor is. We were sitting at a Mexican restaurant when he piped up and declared, “I want German Chocolate cake for my birthday cake.” Okie dokie. Then my daughter told me she wanted a golf themed cake for her golf themed birthday party for her husband. Hmmmm…how would I make this work? I have never decorated a German Chocolate cake before. But then, it all came together…the coconut pecan frosting could be the grass if colored green and the small paisley pan could be the putting green. Okay, so, a cake was born. She is giving the cake to him tonight, so I don’t have a verdict yet, but she was having a hard time not eating it  because it “smelled soooo gooood”! I hope you enjoy it, Neal.

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  1. This cake was soooooooo yummy! We had friends over who don’t normally like coconut, but they loved this cake between the four of us in 1 hour we ate almost half of it 🙂 great job!

    Comment by Jessica(the daughter) — August 17, 2010 @ 10:51 pm |Reply

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