2 Chix in the Mix

June 28, 2010

Dirty Birthday!

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Nope, not what you are thinking!!!!  I have a friend whose husband is a dirt bike rider.  Not just your casual rider though, he’s really serious about it.  Recently, the husband purchased a new dirt bike and like all new toys they simply must have new accessories.  With his birthday coming up Emily wanted me to put his new dirt bike number plate on his cake.  He had requested a chocolate cake with chocolate icing like the Bunco cake I did months ago (I left some for him after Bunco).  That’s when he made his request to Emily.  Normally, I would use fondant to create the plate but knowing he does not like fondant, I decided to try a new technique out.  Reverse frozen butter cream transfer.  Yep, it is exactly what is sounds like.  With this technique, you start applying buttercream to what will be the top of the transfer and build it until you have all of the details (in reverse order), freeze it, turn it over and apply it to the cake.  Because the buttercream needs to be frozen to successfully turn without cracking a special recipe is required.  I’ve heard horror stories of transfers cracking during the application stage.  I only can imagine the frustration of putting all that work into a decoration only to have it crack and be unusable.  Luckily, mine was fine, no issues during the application!! 

Here’s one of the cuppies I whipped up on short notice for a Bowling Night we did with our church group.  The cupcakes are chocolate with vanilla buttercream.  The bowling pins are gumpaste and the bowling ball is a Whopper – one of my favorite candies!

Keepin’ it Sweet!


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