2 Chix in the Mix

June 24, 2010

Farm Living is the Life for Me….

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Okay, so we don’t live on a farm. But, we do have a nice sized garden, and anyone who knows my husband knows he is sooo proud of his garden. It produces well and gives us much “fruit” to share with others. So, in honor of his love for his hobby, the garden, I created this garden cake for him for Fathers Day. He loved it almost as much as he does his real garden. Every vegetable (Cauliflower, yellow squash, cucumbers and carrots) was carefully constructed from fondant by yours truly and were sitting atop a chocolate bed, donated by Deah. (I thought it turned out so cute that I called her over at 11:00 on Saturday morning just to look at it with me.)  Not only did it make us smile, but it brought a smile to my husband and all our children’s faces.   My gift to Ricky this Fathers Day was to have all his children, their significant others, and our new grandchild (two weeks old)  in the house at the same time to share a meal.  They all showed and he was thrilled!  We grilled steaks and had a few different sides, but, wouldn’t you know, I made cucumber  salad and yellow squash casserole out of veggies from our garden.  Fun day!


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