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June 24, 2010

Baby Carriages…..

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….are no fun to assemble late at night!  This one gave me a fit.  Myrene had formed the parts of this carriage earlier in the week and they set up to dry for a couple of days.  Once the parts were dry we put together the basket section and let it dry overnight.  But our instructions were not complete on the assembly of the carriage legs to the basket so after I had completed the cake I attempted to assemble the legs to the basket.  I just could not get it!  Nothing worked.  I sent out a distress call to Myrene at 11PM and she, like the true partner she is, came right over to help figure it out.  Once she knew what would not work, she was able to come up with something that worked!  Got to love a fresh, unflustered mind! 

Now, for the cake.  The request was for a teal, lime green and brown dotted cake.  The tiers are chocolate and red velvet with vanilla buttercream.  The teal and lime green dots are buttercream fondant and the brown are chocolate fondant.  The ribbons around the tiers are fondant also.  The cake tiers are 9″ and 6″ and will serve approximately 30 people.  

Would I build a carriage again?  Absolutely!!  The end result was too cute to not do again.  Here’s an inside shot of the carriage.  We added a baby and blanket to complete the look.

Keepin’ it sweet!


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