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June 28, 2010

Dirty Birthday!

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Nope, not what you are thinking!!!!  I have a friend whose husband is a dirt bike rider.  Not just your casual rider though, he’s really serious about it.  Recently, the husband purchased a new dirt bike and like all new toys they simply must have new accessories.  With his birthday coming up Emily wanted me to put his new dirt bike number plate on his cake.  He had requested a chocolate cake with chocolate icing like the Bunco cake I did months ago (I left some for him after Bunco).  That’s when he made his request to Emily.  Normally, I would use fondant to create the plate but knowing he does not like fondant, I decided to try a new technique out.  Reverse frozen butter cream transfer.  Yep, it is exactly what is sounds like.  With this technique, you start applying buttercream to what will be the top of the transfer and build it until you have all of the details (in reverse order), freeze it, turn it over and apply it to the cake.  Because the buttercream needs to be frozen to successfully turn without cracking a special recipe is required.  I’ve heard horror stories of transfers cracking during the application stage.  I only can imagine the frustration of putting all that work into a decoration only to have it crack and be unusable.  Luckily, mine was fine, no issues during the application!! 

Here’s one of the cuppies I whipped up on short notice for a Bowling Night we did with our church group.  The cupcakes are chocolate with vanilla buttercream.  The bowling pins are gumpaste and the bowling ball is a Whopper – one of my favorite candies!

Keepin’ it Sweet!


June 26, 2010

“Take From Me, My Lace…”

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My friend Paula is a “girly girl”. By that, I mean she likes to wear dresses and does – often. She likes to keep house and cook. She is, well, “dainty”. She and her husband are trying to help me learn some Spanish, at least well enough to be able to understand the language and not be left completely in the dark when someone around me is speaking it. Hence, “Happy Birthday” is written in Spanish.

So, for her birthday, I thought that this design exemplified how lady-like she is. The cake (inside) is strawberry flavored, her favorite, according to her husband. (Man, I hope he got that right 🙂 The fondant is vanilla and the icing is strawberry flavored, too.

June 24, 2010

Farm Living is the Life for Me….

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Okay, so we don’t live on a farm. But, we do have a nice sized garden, and anyone who knows my husband knows he is sooo proud of his garden. It produces well and gives us much “fruit” to share with others. So, in honor of his love for his hobby, the garden, I created this garden cake for him for Fathers Day. He loved it almost as much as he does his real garden. Every vegetable (Cauliflower, yellow squash, cucumbers and carrots) was carefully constructed from fondant by yours truly and were sitting atop a chocolate bed, donated by Deah. (I thought it turned out so cute that I called her over at 11:00 on Saturday morning just to look at it with me.)  Not only did it make us smile, but it brought a smile to my husband and all our children’s faces.   My gift to Ricky this Fathers Day was to have all his children, their significant others, and our new grandchild (two weeks old)  in the house at the same time to share a meal.  They all showed and he was thrilled!  We grilled steaks and had a few different sides, but, wouldn’t you know, I made cucumber  salad and yellow squash casserole out of veggies from our garden.  Fun day!


Tickled Pink

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A church member asked me for a graduation cake for her daughter and she wanted it to have hot pink and lime green dots on it. She hadn’t told me, but she was expecting piped dots squirted all over the cake, but was pleasantly surprised when she saw the fondant dots. She also had not expected the hot pink grad hat, but when she saw it she was “tickled pink”. The next time I try a graduation cap on a cake, I will probably use the mini wonder pan and gumpaste instead of the rice krispies, fondant and toothpicks that I did use. But, all that really mattered was that my friend was extremely happy with the appearance and taste of the cake. She even said she was looking for an opportunity to have us make her another one, trying one of our more exotic flavors. 


Baby Carriages…..

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….are no fun to assemble late at night!  This one gave me a fit.  Myrene had formed the parts of this carriage earlier in the week and they set up to dry for a couple of days.  Once the parts were dry we put together the basket section and let it dry overnight.  But our instructions were not complete on the assembly of the carriage legs to the basket so after I had completed the cake I attempted to assemble the legs to the basket.  I just could not get it!  Nothing worked.  I sent out a distress call to Myrene at 11PM and she, like the true partner she is, came right over to help figure it out.  Once she knew what would not work, she was able to come up with something that worked!  Got to love a fresh, unflustered mind! 

Now, for the cake.  The request was for a teal, lime green and brown dotted cake.  The tiers are chocolate and red velvet with vanilla buttercream.  The teal and lime green dots are buttercream fondant and the brown are chocolate fondant.  The ribbons around the tiers are fondant also.  The cake tiers are 9″ and 6″ and will serve approximately 30 people.  

Would I build a carriage again?  Absolutely!!  The end result was too cute to not do again.  Here’s an inside shot of the carriage.  We added a baby and blanket to complete the look.

Keepin’ it sweet!


June 23, 2010

Twilight Education

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I have to admit it now!  I have never read any of the Twilight books or seen the movies.  I knew less than nothing about the “saga” until last week.  I still don’t know much but I do know the icons of the books.  My slight education was brought on by a request for a Twilight cake.  A Twilightfriend was getting together with some of her girl friends for an adult birthday party.  The theme, if you haven’t already guessed, was Twilight.  I did some internet research, found a design and went to work.  We decided that a red velvet cake would look really cool once it was cut.  Red velvet cake absolutely must have cream cheese icing and raspberry filling completed the look.  For the design I covered the cake in buttercream flavored fondant and cut out diamond shapes with chocolate fondant colored black.  I start with chocolate so I don’t have to use too much black coloring and end up with a yucky tasting fondant.  This way the fondant still tastes like chocolate fondant and you don’t end up with guest with green teeth.  The Queen and apple were hand-shaped with gumpaste by Myrene.  The tulip is gumpaste also.  The scarf (or ribbon, I’m not sure which one it should be) is fondant.       

Keepin’ it sweet!


June 20, 2010

Happy Sugar-Free Father’s Day!

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During any typical week I have several cakes going and sugar everywhere.  Unfortunately, for my husband, this is torture.  You see, Rob is diabetic and really watches his sugar intake.  Yeah, he gets a bite here and there of cake and limited icing but for the most part he’s good about not eating sweets.  Now, potato chips and popcorn are a totally different story!

This Father’s Day I wanted to create something for him to enjoy.  I found a recipe using Splenda (not Splenda Blend) so I could create for him a sugar-free chocolate cake.  After finishing 3 cakes this week I started working on his.  The layers baked pretty fast – I’ve been told that Splenda bakes faster than sugar.  The layers didn’t rise much so I torted the layers and added filling between each layer.  The filling/icing is a chocolate and whipped cream concoction that finishes the consistency of mousse.  It was wonderful just by itself.  We discussed adding strawberries to the mousse – another dessert created. 

Rob requested a nice lunch today with our kids – steaks (chicken for Heather), twice baked potatoes, salad and yeast rolls.  After the feast, we pulled out the cake and went to it.   Non-sugar eaters and sugar eaters alike thought it was great but I think I’ll tweak it a little more.  I saw some sugar-free chocolate chips at the grocery yesterday.  That should intensify the chocolate flavor!    

Here’s a more sugary Father’s Day cake I made for my neighbors.  It’s chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream and chocolate buttercream accents. 

Now, all I have to do is grab a fork!

Keepin’ it sweet!


June 13, 2010

Have a seat

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My husband’s grandfather was a furniture upholsterer for almost 40 years. Besides the Army, it’s all he talks about. I have been in friends’ homes and they’ve showed me pieces that he did for them. He was really quite good.

His daughter called me several weeks ago and told me they wanted me to make a cake for his 90th birthday celebration and furniture had to be the theme. Oh man, I had never done a cake with a furniture theme before. So, I had to wing the design.

I knew he loved lemon, so a lemon flavored cake was definitely gonna happen. This cake is 14 x 14 x 4 and very heavy. I figured if I was constructing a couch out of cake, I probably needed to use a pound cake. Deah had a really good pound cake recipe, so I made on in a 13 x 9 pan so I could cut slabs to piece together. I made the design in my head and started carving…it was not as tough as I had imagined! I put a thin layer of icing on the pieces, covered them in fondant, gave it some “texture” and made a couple of pillows.  They wanted some room left on the sides to put a couple of special candles, so I offset the words just a little. I also took long strips of fondant in the colors of the couch and pillows, wound them together and made the “braided” rug…all in all, I think this is one of the more fun cakes I have made. And Grandpa and the party guests just loved it!

June 12, 2010

Experimenting and More Grad Caking

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So I ran across a quatrefoil pattern while looking at craft blogs.  The blogger had used it to paint a step stool and a tray.  I liked the pattern so I figured I would try it on a cake.  I cut the pattern out of card stock and air brushed the pattern on the side of the cake.   While the results aren’t bad I do know I need to learn a lot about air brushing.  After the air brush was applied Myrene and I topped it with buttercream roses.  Cake is vanilla bean with vanilla bean buttercream.  I just love seeing those little specs of vanilla in the icing?

Next was a graduation cake for a family gathering to celebrate their graduates.  The cake was made with 2 layers of chocolate and 2 layers of spice cake.  Both are covered with vanilla buttercream.  The caps are made with fondant covered rice krispy treats and gumpaste mortar boards.  The colors are the graduates school colors.

My final cake of the week was a zebra striped graduation cake.  Hailee graduated today and requested a vanilla bean cake with vanilla buttercream.  Like the others, the cap is made from a fondant covered rice krispy treat but in this case I covered cardboard with fondant.  FYI – gumpaste works better!  Normally, I don’t get to sample the finished product but today I was able to get a little taste – YUMMO!

Keepin’ it sweet!


June 5, 2010

Eric’s Light Bulb …..contributed by Pam, Eric’s mom

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You could say my son, Eric, is just a little obsessed with lights and fans. He always has been. We found out a few years ago that the reason for that is because of his mild autism. His passion for fans and lights translated into a fan costume one Halloween, so wasn’t it time for a cake to represent his other great love, lights? I asked Deah if she could make a light bulb cake. She accepted the challenge.

Everyone was blown away by the uniqueness of the cake and then again when they tasted it. It was not too sweet, but just right was said over and over. I’ve told several people about 2 Chix In The Mix. Deah, next year, you’ll have to make us a fan!!Light Bulb

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