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May 29, 2010

Berry Delicious!

Chocolate Covered StrawberryMy step daughter REALLY likes strawberries. Strawberry anything, really. So, I made her this chocolate covered strawberry cake (with real strawberries in the mix) for her birthday. I don’t believe I have ever seen someone so excited to have the first bite!


Looking For Your “Pot ‘o Gold”?

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How would you like to have a birthday on March 17th? Someone is always making Leprechaun references or something of the like EVERY time you celebrate…and why should I be any different? My friend’s son has a St. Paddy’s Day b-day, so what would be more fitting on his 18th birthday than to wish him good fortune in his future? Pot O'Gold

Give Me Liberty….

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…or serve me cake! Wait, that’s not how it goes, is it? ūüôā

The local Republican women teamed up with the Teenage Republicans and held a candidate forum and voter registration. They asked me for a cake with the Republican logo on it to serve about 65 people and I was happy to do it for them! They were happy, too!

High Point Republican Women

May 26, 2010

Beach Baby, Beach Baby…

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“You’re going to the beach again THIS weekend? ” Well, we had to put off my friend,Cindy’s, birthday AGAIN this year because she had decided to take a trip¬†to the beach. She and her husband have a little place down there and they love spending time there. So, when she (finally) got back from her vacation, we celebrated her birthday, albeit, a bit late. She was tickled to see what I had created for her this year.

Two Hearts…

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..two hearts that beat as one; Their lives have just begun….I’ve known Tiffany since she was 5 years old. She is absolutely one of my favorite people and is as kind as she is beautiful. I made this cake for her and her fiance, Ernie, because their hearts truly do beat as one. As they embark on this journey together, I wish them the very best life can offer.Tiffany Blue Shower¬†

BTW, the two hearts on top are gluten-free¬†and Tiffany’s mother (Tiffany has¬†the wheat allergy) said it was the best¬†gluten-free¬†cake she has ever eaten.¬† Tiffy thought it was delicious, as well.

Congratulations, Tiffy and Ernie!

May 9, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day!

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May 8, 2010

Graduation Time is here!

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It’s college graduation time already.¬† My nephew graduated last weekend from the University of Florida – GO GATORS!¬† Sadly, I knew I couldn’t send a cake to him from North Carolina to Florida.¬† I would have loved to create a sugar delight in honor of the occasion.¬† I would have hidden the creation from my husband and son – avid Carolina fans!¬† They would have sent a special message to Bryant, I’m sure.

Today, my best friends’ daughter graduation from Peace College.¬† Do girl’s schools without sports teams have mascots?¬† Anyway, Erika graduated with an awesome GPA, a double major and a minor – all in 4 years!¬† Now that is outstanding.¬† AND, she has a JOB waiting for her!¬† What a relief to her parents.

I created this cake for Erika, it has chocolate chip cookie layers and vanilla butter cream.  The cap is a mega rice crispy treat covered in fondant.  The mortar board is the only thing not edible Рcardboard.

Keepin’ it sweet!


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