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April 30, 2010

We’ve gone Gluten-Free!

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Last week Myrene experimented with gluten-free recipes.  It was something we wanted to do because the need is there but just hadn’t gotten around to it.  Well, Myrene needed to make a chocolate gluten-free wedding shower cake, so she had to take the time to experiment.  I tasted the first version and I was surprised.  I expected a different taste.  I don’t know why I was expecting something different, I just was.  Anyway, the first run was good – actually excellent according to gluten-free eaters.  Myrene tweaked it a little more for the final cake and I was told it was a hit.   We  can make other gluten-free flavors, too – just ask!


April 24, 2010

There must be something in the air!

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Lots and lots of showers going on lately.  Seems spring is the time for life changing events.  New babies and new marriages are all around me.  I did a remake of a bridal shower cake we did last year but with a twist.  When I finished on Thursday evening I was pleased and took pictures as I normally do with all my cakes.  Well, I was thinking Friday morning that there were a couple more things I could do to make the cake better.  I had a few extra minutes on Friday so I decided to make the additions but then I didn’t have time to take new pictures. 😦   So, here it is, my almost finished bridal shower cake.  This version is missing the cornelli lace on the bodice of the dress and pearl beading at the bottom of the skirt.  One thing you can’t see in the picture is the train.  I totally forgot to take a picture of the back of the cake!  One day, when I’m a famous baker I’ll have an in-house photographer.  Anyone interested?  Salary will be paid in cake!



Click here for the first version.

UPDATE!!  Adrienne was kind enough to take another picture for me!  Here’s the totally finished cake.  Click on the picture to see it larger.


April 11, 2010

Twinkle Toes

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Okay, so Deah was right, AGAIN!!!  We tossed around doing this cake and it was so cute, but I liked another one we had looked at and was pretty much sold on it. Maybe it was because this one was out of my comfort zone. But Deah prodded me until I gave in. I found that this cake was a lot more fun than doing the other one would have been. I think the most fun was doing the feet. Deah sculpted those and I got to cover them with fondant and do the creases. You should have seen the detail Deah put into each little toe. We’re not sure how many she really made, but we did end up with ten she was satisfied with, and that was what was important! The cake and blanket colors are the colors they are doing Ayden’s room in, so we just had to include those.

The cake was for my daughters baby shower and I knew it had to be cute and get a good response from her. And it did. My husband said, “Don’t you just want to eat those little toes?” And he could if he had wanted to. 🙂

April 4, 2010

To Infinity and Beyond….

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Third and final cake of the weekend!  This one is for my son-in-law, Matt.  His birthday is Monday but we are celebrating Sunday.  Matt couldn’t come up with what he wanted on his cake.  Heather volunteered that he had been reading a lot of space science books lately.  Not the Sci-Fi kind, real space books.  So, I created the universe for him.  The cake is orange (as requested) with orange butter cream.  The butter cream reminds me of Creamsicles from my childhood.  Planets are gumpaste covered Styrofoam.  Yes, there are 9 planets there.  I still count Pluto!

April 2, 2010

Busy, Busy!

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April must be a big birthday month.  Three birthday cakes this weekend.  I’ve already delivered two and have one more to make tomorrow.

The first cake was for a friend’s wife.  Her birthday is today.  This cake is a super moist strawberry cake with vanilla butter cream icing.  The decorations are all edible – although not all that palatable.  The flowers are a mixture of fondant and gum paste.  It’s the gum paste the ruins the taste but it is a necessary element in some decorations.  My friend called shortly after he picked up the cake to let me know it was a fine breakfast food!

My second cake of the day was for a disco themed 40th birthday.  It is pound cake with vanilla butter cream icing.  Yes, it is a HUGE cake – 12″.  Actually, this is 2 recipes of my pound cake.  Hope someone has a sweet tooth!  Black squares on the dance floor are fondant.  Colored squares are painted butter cream.  The dancer is fondant and gum paste but this one isn’t edible because of the construction elements.  Just a FYI – black fondant turns your teeth green.

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