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March 15, 2010

Spring Tulips

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Everyone knows when you see the first tulips that Spring is just around the corner.  I’ve spent a little time this week making my own sign of spring.  Taught myself how to make a gum paste tulip.  I only have one – the prototype.  I’ll be working on more and perfecting my final product in the next couple of weeks.  Let me know what you think…..

Here’s some flowers I made a while back

Click the picture to see a larger one.


March 13, 2010

Margarita Cake

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I’ve been working in the kitchen lately trying to perfect a new recipe – Margarita cake.  I started with a basic recipe and made it exactly by the recipe.  I sent cakes to two different people.  While the cake was good it wasn’t really a margarita cake.  The result was a little disappointing.  Texture was a little off – too crumbly.  And, it wasn’t as moist as I would have liked.

Second try was better but still not quite there.  Texture and moisture were fine.  The margarita flavor just isn’t coming forward.  I received the same opinion from several people.

So, I will attempt it again in the next couple of days.  I’ll let you know what happens.

March 1, 2010

Neyland Stadium

Just before dinner tonight we heard our doorbell ring.  My husband answered the door and it was a salesperson for a lawn maintenance company.  After relaying that we were not interested in services – although we probably need them – my husband closed the door and said “I’m not paying anyone to cut my grass.”  My response was “Why should we, we have a teenager!”  Then I realized we don’t have a teenager anymore.  Trey turned 20 on Sunday.  We celebrated his birthday tonight with family.  Work schedules in our family means nobody celebrates their birthday ON their birthday.  Such is life in our household.

Anyway, here’s the story of Trey’s cake.  Back in December he “ordered” the University of Tennessee Neyland football field for his cake.  As time went on he started adding different elements to the cake.  First the stadium seating – all 150,000 seats!  Then the field houses, Tennessee River and the Tennessee Volunteer Navy.  It became a joke as to how much he could think of to add to his order.

This is what he got.  Although, he said it wasn’t an accurate replica because there weren’t lines at each yard!  Can you believe it?  He wanted me to add 200 little hash marks on the sides of the field.   In the end he was pleased with his cake.

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