2 Chix in the Mix

November 7, 2009

Who da’ thunk it?

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SweetToothThis week I visited everyone’s favorite doctor – my dentist.  Now I know some of you have a real aversion to your dentists but I actually don’t mind going.  Well, except for the one question my hygienist asks every time and never likes my answer – “Now, Deah, are your flossing everyday?”  And my answer is always “Nope”.  I used to be ashamed of my answer (but not enough to make me floss like I should) but as I have gotten older I’ve begun to answer with no shame.  Hey, there are some good things about getting older.

Anyway, I thought I would take my dentist a small cake and was ready for a tongue lashing regarding the eating of sweets and what it does to your teeth.  But, that isn’t what I received.

Now, picture this – when I arrived at the office at 10AM I checked in and gave the cake to the receptionist asking her to share it with the rest of the staff.  I sat in the waiting room for a few minutes until my name was called.  When my hygienist came to get me she had already seen the cake and was ready to dig in!  While having my teeth cleaned my dentist stopped by to let me know the he had enjoyed the cake (also, requested another flavor next time).  The excitement, or maybe it was the sugar high, was in the air.  Everyone there was enjoying cake at 10AM!  While my dentist was checking my teeth the hygienist went to get a piece of the cake, too.  She came back with compliments also.

So it turns out that my dentist has a sweet tooth.  I wasn’t chastised about  eating too many sweets, even when he found a cavity!  Or, maybe he found a cavity so he could get another cake . . . Hmmm?


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