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November 21, 2009

Psychedelic Peppermint Patty

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This cake is for my boss’ wife.  It’s her birthday.  It is a peppermint patty cake – chocolate cake, peppermint filling, chocolate icing.  I just love a good peppermint patty after dinner and this one will satisfy better than York!

The flowers remind me of the hippie movement.  I’ve been wanting to do some brush embroidery and I finally had the opportunity today.  As I was working on it I kept getting whiffs of the chocolate and peppermint.  It was really tempting but I resisted!

November 20, 2009


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Imagine you are a little boy turning 5 years old.  Your favorite things are dinosaurs and your favorite color is green!  Wouldn’t this be the best birthday cake!!

Everything is edible except the dinos!  They are to play with later.  The rocks are fondant sure to send any child into a sugar overload – Sorry Mom!

November 12, 2009

Tee One Up!

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TeedOff_2My Father-in-Law’s birthday was last weekend.  My MIL requested a golf themed cake which showed his age.  Also, since they were sharing the cake with the older crowd she requested lemon cake.  So she got lemon cake with lemon icing.  It’s so weird seeing green icing and it tasting like lemon.  Lemon icing should be yellow!

My FIL is an avid golfer, has been for years.  Since his retirement a couple of years ago he has had more opportunities to play.  At least once a week he’s out on the fairway with his buddies.  Sometimes my son tags along.

TeedOffHere’s the cake we made for him.  Myrene designed it and I just followed her instructions.

My son was impressed but told us we did one thing wrong.  Seems that my FIL never hits the sand but lands in the water often!

Sugar Rx

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This month must be my month for maintenance!  First the dentist and now my annual physical.  Only thing left is my eye exam but that comes in January.  Sugar Rx

So, ladies, does your doctor tell you every visit that you could stand to loose a few pounds?  Mine does!  I figured this time I would take her a sample of why my dress size is changing.  Maybe then she’ll understand.

November 9, 2009

Bottoms Up!

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So, Deah and I were taking those cake decorating classes…you know the ones. Anyway, our teacher had a little mold there one night and I thought it was soooo cute. I just knew I’d find good use for it someday, so I got one from her.

Well, about two weeks ago, my daughter asked me to make a shower cake for a friend that she works with. Ah ha! There’s my golden opportunity! I made this “Baby Butt” 100_2555cake for the girls’shower. Jess was tickled with it and was sure it would be just the thing to make her friend smile.

November 8, 2009

Gone Fishin’

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There’s a guy at work who loves fishing. As a matter of fact, right above his desk on a cork board, is the phrase, “Eat…Sleep…Fish!” He even takes as many Friday afternoons off as he can so he can drop a worm in the water.

I saw the swedish fish (they’re on the side of the cake) and thought I’d make him a fishing cake for his birthday. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a boat, so I had to make one out of gumpaste…but, it looked enough like a boat for me to go ahead and put it on the cake :-).

He doesn’t really eat much cake, but he likes it when I bring it in to work because he’s always one of the first ones in there to get a slice! Can’t wait to see his face tomorrow 🙂



Our Handyman

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My husband loves to work in wood. He built a big 10 x 12 storage building in our backyard; not from a kit or “plans”. He designed it and built it.

The next year, I decided I would rather have hard wood floors instead of carpet. He went right to work on it and laid the most beautiful hardwood floors, all by himself.

Now, he is working on a quilt box for one of our loved ones for Christmas. I have been so impressed with the care he has taken with each piece he cuts and joins to another. He is truly a “Handy” man to have around the house, so I made him this cake to let him know how special he is to all of us.100_2546

November 7, 2009

Who da’ thunk it?

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SweetToothThis week I visited everyone’s favorite doctor – my dentist.  Now I know some of you have a real aversion to your dentists but I actually don’t mind going.  Well, except for the one question my hygienist asks every time and never likes my answer – “Now, Deah, are your flossing everyday?”  And my answer is always “Nope”.  I used to be ashamed of my answer (but not enough to make me floss like I should) but as I have gotten older I’ve begun to answer with no shame.  Hey, there are some good things about getting older.

Anyway, I thought I would take my dentist a small cake and was ready for a tongue lashing regarding the eating of sweets and what it does to your teeth.  But, that isn’t what I received.

Now, picture this – when I arrived at the office at 10AM I checked in and gave the cake to the receptionist asking her to share it with the rest of the staff.  I sat in the waiting room for a few minutes until my name was called.  When my hygienist came to get me she had already seen the cake and was ready to dig in!  While having my teeth cleaned my dentist stopped by to let me know the he had enjoyed the cake (also, requested another flavor next time).  The excitement, or maybe it was the sugar high, was in the air.  Everyone there was enjoying cake at 10AM!  While my dentist was checking my teeth the hygienist went to get a piece of the cake, too.  She came back with compliments also.

So it turns out that my dentist has a sweet tooth.  I wasn’t chastised about  eating too many sweets, even when he found a cavity!  Or, maybe he found a cavity so he could get another cake . . . Hmmm?


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