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September 29, 2009

Bridal Shower

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Our latest project was our most challenging so far.  It started with an inspiration found on the internet (I’m sorry; I can’t remember who created this one).Inspiration






We made a test cake last week Test Run





The final creationBridal Shower

The dress layer is lemon cake with lemon buttercream.  The base layer is almond sour cream with almond buttercream.  Both cake recipes are super moist and yummy!  The cakes were covered in vanilla fondant colored to reflect the bride’s wedding colors, ivory and red.

Comments we received on this one were “Stunning!”, “Absolutely beautiful”, and “I thought _________ made it”  (Myrene and I have a mutual friend who is a very accomplished cake designer and makes lots of cakes for events in our social circle.)  But by far my favorite was from the Bridal Shower honoree, my very own daughter, “You didn’t make that did you, nuh uh!  It’s gorgeous!”  You see, sometimes we can surprise even the people who know us best.

(Myrene here) You know, when Deah first said she wanted to make a doll/wedding dress cake, my first reaction (which I said to myself) was, “Oh no, not a Barbie cake!” I even told a friend, “Well, maybe I can talk her out of it…”   But, after we started putting the practice cake together and it began taking shape, I was feeling better about it.  I was still nervous on Saturday, but knew we could pull it off, since the practice cake went so well.  Of course, I changed our design a bit at the last minute and Deah went along with it, like the good sport that she is.  After we finished with the “final”  creation and I saw Heather’s reaction to it on Sunday,  I was convinced Deah made the right choice!

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