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September 29, 2009

Bridal Shower

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Our latest project was our most challenging so far.  It started with an inspiration found on the internet (I’m sorry; I can’t remember who created this one).Inspiration






We made a test cake last week Test Run





The final creationBridal Shower

The dress layer is lemon cake with lemon buttercream.  The base layer is almond sour cream with almond buttercream.  Both cake recipes are super moist and yummy!  The cakes were covered in vanilla fondant colored to reflect the bride’s wedding colors, ivory and red.

Comments we received on this one were “Stunning!”, “Absolutely beautiful”, and “I thought _________ made it”  (Myrene and I have a mutual friend who is a very accomplished cake designer and makes lots of cakes for events in our social circle.)  But by far my favorite was from the Bridal Shower honoree, my very own daughter, “You didn’t make that did you, nuh uh!  It’s gorgeous!”  You see, sometimes we can surprise even the people who know us best.

(Myrene here) You know, when Deah first said she wanted to make a doll/wedding dress cake, my first reaction (which I said to myself) was, “Oh no, not a Barbie cake!” I even told a friend, “Well, maybe I can talk her out of it…”   But, after we started putting the practice cake together and it began taking shape, I was feeling better about it.  I was still nervous on Saturday, but knew we could pull it off, since the practice cake went so well.  Of course, I changed our design a bit at the last minute and Deah went along with it, like the good sport that she is.  After we finished with the “final”  creation and I saw Heather’s reaction to it on Sunday,  I was convinced Deah made the right choice!

September 23, 2009

Teacher Appreciation Week!

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My kids are out of school so I no longer keep up with the special events at the area schools.  I learned on Sunday that this week is Teacher Appreciation Week.  The schools I have been involved with normally have a special luncheon for the teachers and give them sweet treats rounded up by the PTA.  My neighbor was asked by her son’s PTA to bring in a cake for a teacher.  Lucky for us, she was unable to bake her own treat so asked us to help.

Since teachers are generally unsung heroes in our book we wanted to create something special that was sure to relay the message of gratitude.  Here it is — White Almond Sour Cream Cake with Almond Butter Cream Icing.

What do you think?  If you received this as a gift would you feel appreciated?

Teacher Appreciation Week

September 15, 2009

I Can’t Drive 55!

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SnickerdoodleSo, today is my boss’ birthday.  No, not my husband, that guy I work for 40 hours a week.  Like always, a birthday cake appears in the conference room whenever someone has a birthday.  They even remember when it’s my birthday.  Although, no one bakes me a homemade cake.  I guess I can’t expect a scratch cake from the guys.

Over time I have learned everyone’s favorites and not so favorites.   My boss’ favorite is Snickerdoodle.  So every year he gets a Snickerdoodle cake.  I was thinking yesterday on my way home from work about how I would decorate his cake.  I kept hearing Sammy Hagar singing in my ear “I can’t drive 55!  Oh no!”  I really thought of having the speed limit sign on his cake but he wouldn’t recognize it because he doesn’t pay attention to the speed limits while driving down the interstate and working his crossword puzzle. Yes, he really does!

You can tell his age from the picture.  I don’t normally like to put adult ages on cakes because some people are sensitive but he isn’t.  He’s actually kind of proud of it.

Music trivia:
Released in 1984, this could be considered Hagar’s foray into social awareness. While some Rock stars were concerned about the environment or civil rights, Hagar was upset with the lowering of highway speed limits. He had a lot of support for his cause.  In 2001, Hagar finally updated this to reflect new speed limits on American highways.  He re-recorded it as “I Can’t Drive 65” for the NASCAR album Full Throttle.

September 4, 2009

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner!

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Guess Who's Coming to DinnerIt is probably obvious to you but I will freely admit that this cake was an early effort – probably within a few weeks of my first cake decorating class.  However, I think the concept is cute and could be duplicated with more finesse.

I was having friends over for Sunday lunch after church and wanted to practice on them.  I figured if the cake wasn’t so pretty, at least it would taste good.  Much to my surprise, given my lack of experience at the time, it turned out fairly good.  My guests thought it was funny to have their faces on the cake.

Let me know if your face is destined to appear in buttercream!

September 2, 2009


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What kind of cake would you bake for your daughters 21st birthday? Well, I thought about it for while and came up with a “Little Mermaid” cake, because she always thought she was Ariel when she was 100_2431growing up (She has beautiful red hair). But, although the Little Mermaid cake would bring tears to both our eyes remembering days gone by, I decided a cake for the more ”mature” daughter was in order. She will always be my little girl, but, alas, she is a woman now – where does time go?
This heart-shaped cake was a double layer red velvet cake with cream cheese icing on it – Jess’ favorite. The stripes are made from fondant.

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